Seed starting: Trying something new

on Monday, March 7, 2011

This year I'm trying a mix of the Jiffy 7 expanding peat pots that I like so much (upper right) and soil blocking, where you compress a very damp mixture in a block making tool, and then a spring mechanism is used to squirt out the blocks. I should buy more jiffy 7s (which I just ran out of) in case my soil blocks are a complete failure... To make soil blocks, you need a different soiless mixture than the peat pots use... it needs to hold more water and bind together better to maintain its shape. The soil blocks you see above are using two different sized/shaped plugs... the small ones are intended for seed starting, but we'll see if the large squares aren't better for starting multiple seeds (I'll snip out all but the best looking sprout in each group).
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