Last chance

on Thursday, October 14, 2010

Although I cleared all the other eggplant and okra plants out of this bed the other day, these two okra plants looked like they still want to try to produce. Since they'll be getting more light, I figure there's no harm in seeing if they'll get a second wind.
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More green stuff

I never knew how much I would love buttercrunch lettuce (foreground). And it looks like we might get some "Asian greens Happy Rich" which, if you ask me, looks like broccoli at this point...
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Later plantings of lettuce - I'll probably have to row cover this bed soon.
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Fall crops

What do you think? Is it too late for the peas to amount to anything? We had the first lettuce last night - Yum!
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Weekend construction

on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I bought this on sale early this summer and only finally got it put together! Big thanks to Brett for helping construct the base, and to dad for the overall construction. All those plastic panels and their 144 metal tabs? That was all me...

I've already started moving some of the plants inside for the winter... including eggplant and rosemary I dug up and potted. Very excited to see if they make it through winter.
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Time to plant the garlic

Tucker's supervising...
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More peppers!

We're past the average first frost date, and yet we haven't had a single frost yet here at home. Mary says she had a frost last night. Perhaps the pond buffers us here? Whatever the case, the peppers are still loaded. Today I harvested all the cayenne and thai style peppers, plus any habanero style that were ripe.

Also in the bowl are others that got knocked off by either me harvesting, or the dogs tearing through the yard.

Last week I harvested most of the jalapeno and poblano types that were of decent size, and tried smoking most of them. Next time I'll have to remember to make it a DRY smoke, to watch the heat closer, and then maybe to dehydrate them slightly shorter. Still, the CSA folks seemed excited to get them...

Still on the plants? Plenty of small sweet peppers that just need more time. Will Mother Nature give it to them? It's supposed to storm tonight, and temps are supposed to drop by the weekend...
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Getting dirty

on Monday, October 11, 2010

Time to plant the garlic...
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More peppers!

on Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's peppers and green tomatoes for this last week of the CSA. I'll be picking some bundles of herbs as well... but that's it. The few squash on the vine are no bigger than my pinky and are likely to rot before growing much bigger.
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I think there's smoke in the forecast...

on Saturday, October 2, 2010

Peter may not have picked a peck, but I sure picked a bunch of jalapeno, serrano, poblano and a similar-yet- longer pepper today!

I plan to fire up the smoker tomorrow. Smoked jalapenos become chipotles and smoked poblanos become anchos. The other peppers? Eh, they'll be just as good in recipes! Many of the CSA customers aren't into the hot peppers, but if you want some smoked and dried peppers in this week's final share, just let me know before Thursday.
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