Every season has one!

on Saturday, January 21, 2012

There's always at least one thing on the garden plan each year that has me the most excited to taste test. This year it's most definitely the Indigo Rose tomato, which popped up in several of the seed catalogs. You'll be hearing more from me about Indigo Rose later!
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Helpful tip for the gardener

on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

As you begin to accumulate new seed packets before the gardening season starts, check the packets to see if they include a "packaged for" type date on them. The month isn't all that important, but the year sure is. If there's no date on them, as is the case with Tomato Growers each year, write the year on the packet, at least if it's for something you know you won't use up completely this year (like maybe annual flowers, bean seeds, radishes, etc - something you sow a lot of at any one time).

Many seeds are viable for a number of years, and it helps to know what year the seeds were intended for. I don't have the best luck with lettuce seeds more than a year or two old. Tomatoes and peppers? I've had good luck with seeds I've had five years or more!

But if you have a packet of old seeds with no year on them, it's hard to know if you might want to save them another year, or if it's the same packet you keep saving "just one more year", and yet they're six year old duds!
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