The Great 'Scape

on Monday, May 31, 2010

The hardneck variety of garlic I grew this year, Chinese Pink, is in the process of forming garlic scapes! In the picture here, it's the narrow light-green round stalk shooting up from the leafy part of the garlic, topped with a small pinkish-red area, and then that's topped with a pointy bit of green.

Now I took that picture a week ago - and by now they're starting to curl. From what I've seen online, I should start harvesting them anytime now - I guess you want them when they've made one or two curls (and yes, they are curling!)

I've never grown hardneck garlic before, so I've never had scapes. Unfortunately there aren't many of them....these were planted last fall, long before there was talk of me participating in Mary's CSA plans. If they turn out good, I'll have to definitely plan to grow more hardneck garlic next year so the CSA customers can get in on the scapes!

BTW - yeah, I know, I need to weed the garlic bed!