More peppers!

on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're past the average first frost date, and yet we haven't had a single frost yet here at home. Mary says she had a frost last night. Perhaps the pond buffers us here? Whatever the case, the peppers are still loaded. Today I harvested all the cayenne and thai style peppers, plus any habanero style that were ripe.

Also in the bowl are others that got knocked off by either me harvesting, or the dogs tearing through the yard.

Last week I harvested most of the jalapeno and poblano types that were of decent size, and tried smoking most of them. Next time I'll have to remember to make it a DRY smoke, to watch the heat closer, and then maybe to dehydrate them slightly shorter. Still, the CSA folks seemed excited to get them...

Still on the plants? Plenty of small sweet peppers that just need more time. Will Mother Nature give it to them? It's supposed to storm tonight, and temps are supposed to drop by the weekend...
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