The Importance of Soil Testing - pt 1

on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Intrepid garden reporter in San Jose offers up the first of a two parter about why soil testing is very important for all veggie gardeners. Here's the teaser:

If you’ve been wondering why your vegetable garden last summer didn’t perform as well as the summer before or you’re just looking for the best way to prepare your vegetable garden for the coming season, the answer is: soil testing.

Continue reading on Soil testing - it’s only the most important thing you can do for your garden.

Trust me, this girl knows her stuff. We've been online internet buds for, wow, a few years now? Jess was doing the raised bed gardening thing before me, and she's so much better about testing and amending her soil each season. I tried to follow her lead last year and do the home testing of my veggie bed soils, and I just never seem to have any luck - my "tinted water" that's supposed to be the crystal ball letting me know what's going on in the soil just always seems too clear.

Maybe I'll give it another go this year!? I totally trust Jessica's advice and instructions, and accept that it's just something I haven't done quite right. I tend to just wing it, adding more good stuff to improve the soil, but sooner or later this blind amending of the soil's going to bite me in the butt!


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