Warming up, and planting out!

on Friday, April 8, 2011

Seeing what the extended forecast looks like, I finally felt comfortable direct seeding the peas (mostly sugar snap varieties) Wednesday afternoon. I'm thinking I can also start considering planting out seedlings for kales, chard and cabbage, plus direct seeding stuff that loves cold weather, like spinach. Is it too early for some of this stuff?

Yup, definitely looks like the gardening season is upon us! Yay! Will we have another extreme drop in temperature, especially night time temps? There's no way to know, but if the weather IS going to be nicer like this, you can't NOT take advantage of it with a little risk... You don't want to wait til late April or even May to plant things like spinach and cold-temperature loving brassicas - they hate the heat and go to seed when it warms up too much.

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GrafixMuse said...

Our weather in Maine is looking much better as well. I looks like I will be outside accomplishing some garden cleanup this weekend.

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