Looks like we'll have to try something new this season...

on Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear CSA customers...

Considering how wet everything is already this season, and the forecast doesn't look any better, we're already behind on things growing in the garden. I think by this time last year I was harvesting lettuce and spinach from the gardens. At this point THIS year? The lettuce and asian green seeds sprouted a couple weeks ago, but have completely halted all growth. And the spinach? NO SIGN OF IT!

Each year you get something a little different - an earlier start, a later start, a really short season of spring, summer or fall depending on temperature and precipitation, etc. Well...taking a look at the backyard THIS year, I think you'll all be getting rice.

Just kidding! I wouldn't know where to begin with growing rice. Hopefully we'll get a warmer, dry spell soon with more sunlight to get all the little seedlings growing!


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