Eat your greens!

on Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey CSA customers... Remember I kept teasing that I hoped to provide some extra goodies a little later in the season, even after we'd officially shut down? Weeeell..... How's this looking?

There's a mix of Asian greens and lettuce here, and while it's the most packed bed, there's some additional stuff in a couple other beds as well.

Temps are supposed to start dropping again, plus we're supposed to start getting rain again this week...and that's a combination these particular growies love! So I have a feeling I'll be letting you know there's fresh greens/lettuce for you next week. Cross your fingers!

Check out the wire mesh over top of the bed. That's two of my larger tomato cages uncoiled and just holding on to the wooden frame of the bed. While I figure I'll only have enough bulk to share for a couple weeks, I'll leave smaller, less developed plants in the bed for us, and even if it gets cold or frosty, I can put protective cover over the wire mesh to shelter the growies underneath. Why didn't I try this with the cages before??
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