on Sunday, October 9, 2011

This morning this bed was loaded with peppers, eggplants, and marigolds...and after heavily harvesting the sparse amount of veggies left of the plants I cleaned out the whole bed, amended it, leveled it out, and just finished planting 192 "somethings" in it for next year - with fun names like Nordic Hammer and Chinese Pink.

Without cheating and googling those names can you guess what they are?

Another hint: some people just can't get enough. Learning that over the last couple of years, I ordered more than ever before and, oops, they won't all fit in this bed! Good news is I have another, smaller bed I'm willing to sacrifice for a good chunk of the year, so I'll be planting that with the remainder of this crop shortly. And my hopes are to have so much harvested next year to replant from my own *correctly labeled* harvest next year, meaning I shouldn't have to buy them anymore! (there was a slight labeling issue with the crop planted last year, so I didn't know what varieties I had come harvest time this summer!)
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GrafixMuse said...

Mmmm Garlic? I didn't google either :)

Can you ever have enough garlic?

Jeph said...

Good going! (Although I think you have insider info... ;-)

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