Speaking of things not going as planned...

on Monday, May 30, 2011

See this freshly planted patch of pepper plants?

This morning it was a patch of Asian greens that sounded so good on paper. While they DID like the colder, wet weather we've had this spring, they didn't care to much for the periodic heat blasts we've had. Rather than turn into nice lush greens perfect for stir fries and salads, they bolted and shot up tall spires of yellow flowers and turned bitter. Grrrr.

So, scrap the spring attempt at Asian greens, and we'll try again this fall. Looks like we're suddenly shifting from wet weather to hot n sunny. I'm sure no one's complaining, but we have to play fast and loose with the garden. Well, hey, at least we're looking at having good tomato and pepper weather. We'll have to see what the near 90 temps do to the lettuce and spinach!
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GrafixMuse said...

Unfortunately, I had the same problem with my Asian greens. The sudden 80-degree temperatures did them in.

Jeph said...

While I wouldn't wish that frustration on anyone, it's good to hear i'm not the only one dealing with that! Do you typically grow Asian greens and, if so, do you find they do better in spring or fall? I have a hard time prepping for cold weather fall crops in the heat of late summer.

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