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on Monday, May 16, 2011

The bird netting isn't up to protect the lettuce, rosemary and other short plants in this bed. It's actually there to protect my plum trees that I just planted this spring, which got nibbled on by deer last week. But don't you like knowing the CSA veggies are getting the benefit of the bird-netting fortress??

While we've been saying we're so worried about how poor things are growing this season, this round of lettuce that I started in the basement months ago are actually doing beautifully with the wet, chilly weather. In fact, I miiight have to start harvesting some earlier than the early-to-mid June "official" start date of this year's CSA!

I have another batch in a different bed started later, and planted out later. Smaller than these heads here, but also doing much better than the lettuce I direct seeded...

Ya just never know what you'll get with the garden each year!
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GrafixMuse said...

Deer can be a challenge, can't they? Luckily, I have other things in the yard that mostly draw them away from my garden. But spring and fall they tend to look for anything green and easy to reach.

The lettuce in your plum tree bed do look ready to harvest. I am sure members of your CSA will enjoy the early greens.

FinnyKnits said...

I bet your peas and radishes are loving it, too! Our weather is the same and my lettuce is downright bushy. Does that sound inappropriate outside of my head, too? No matter - beautiful beds.

Jeph said...

Yeah, I have a problem with leaving lettuce in the ground too long - thinking "oh, it'll just keep getting bigger/better" - annnnnd then it's past it's prime. You're absolutely right, I need to be letting the customers know they'll be getting some lettuce this coming week!

Finny - the peas are pretty much just SITTING there. They got up to maybe 6" and stopped. And radishes I started late - just last week - because I didn't want a bunch for myself, and wanted to ensure there would be radishes as soon as the CSA officially started. I'm seeing sprouts out there now, so they Do appear to be liking the weather!

Um....I'm not touching your bushy lettuce comment. ;-)

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