Broccoli and more

on Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There's several different varieties of broccoli here. The ones down the middle are Pacman and Green Comet if I remember correctly. Those are storebought plants. Then down the right are Happy Rich and Santee - I started those from seed. They're intended to be used more for repeat cutting of small, tender sprouts. The ones down the middle are more large heading varieties, buuut.... once you cut the initial head of broccoli, you continue to get tender, smaller side sprouts, and apparently that's what most home growers really appreciate.

I can't promise huge grocery store worthy heads of broccoli, but hopefully we'll get to enjoy all the smaller tender sprouts.

Over to the left are leeks.

So the plan (in a perfect season) is that the broccoli would be harvested some before it's ever warm enough to plant tomatoes... and then if the broccoli is still doing well when it's time to put in the tomatoes, I'd rip out some of the broccoli in a checkerboard pattern, planting tomatoes in the newly vacated space, and those could shade/prolong some of the broccoli.

But that's in a perfect world. Who knows how it'll really go!
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