What every gardener needs in February?

on Sunday, February 13, 2011

That small bag on top is just one of two 40lb bags of "manure and compost"....hopefully all well composted!

And the two bottom bags are 3.8 cu ft bails, and trust me, they're heeeeavy. I'll be mixing this stuff together shortly in the hopes of making an idea soil-block-making mix - the mix has to have just the right consistency to hold itself together, retain moisture, breathe well, and yet not compress into a solid block of concrete. Oh, and the plant roots have to like it too!

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GrafixMuse said...

Hi Jeph! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the wonderful comment. You have a nice blog and I am looking forward to catching up with it this weekend. Have you made your soil blocks or planted any seeds yet?

Jeph said...

I DID make some with a mix I came up with, although I have to say making and seeding the 1/2" blocks isn't much fun...but I also can't see giving up the space/soil for 2" blocks for things like lettuce and onions, when you need lots of 'em! So I'll be doing a mix of soil blocking, maybe the paper pots because a friend gave me a paper pot maker as a gift a year or two ago, plus little plastic pots.

And have I planted any seeds? Oh heck yeah... I've had leeks growing for about a month now - the tallest are about 6" and might need a trimming soon. I'm experimenting with some asian greens that I sprouted. Plus got some herbs, onions and chives going already. Oh, and then this past week I started some broccoli (sprouting broccoli?) and sorrel (never grown it before).

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