on Saturday, February 19, 2011

Look what I got at the gardening symposium Mary and I were at all day today. From everything I've been reading, or hearing in podcasts, it sounds like kelp is GREAT for plants. I guess they love the micronutrients available in the kelp?
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GrafixMuse said...

I try to get to the beach in early spring (before all the tourists arrive here in Maine) and gather a few bags of seaweed to add to my compost bin. It is a surefire way to get things heated up quickly.

Jeph said...

Oh wow, I can't imagine having instant access to it like that. And here I'm gonna have to PAY for the stuff! ;-)

I just found out about Ohio Earth Food at the last two garden seminars we went to, and they were set up at yesterday's event. I found 'em on line recently (not paying attention to their address) and figured I wasn't interested in paying shipping on stuff like 50 lb bags of their products.

Turns out they're about a half hour south of me! LOL I'll be visiting them REAL soon! Lots of neat organic products.

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