Growing a Greener World covers CSAs!

on Saturday, February 5, 2011

I used to love watching "Fresh from the Garden" with Joe Lamp'l, and then followed Joe on to his Joe Gardener projects and podcast. These days he's teamed up with Patti Moreno and Chef Nathan Lyon to produce Growing a Greener World, with a weekly show on PBS! Don't sit around to watch shows on TV often, or, like us, don't get the show on your local PBS channel? You can still watch Growing a Greener World at their web site (yay!). And I see that they recently had an episode covering CSAs. They cover all the good (and some of the risks) of being a member of a CSA...check it out:

Cucumber beetle from via WikipediaBy now those of you who were our customers in 2010 know all about the whole "you take the good, you take the bad" pros and cons of being a CSA member - you don't know if something will have a crop failure, you don't know if the cucumber beetles are going to infect and kill all the cucumbers, you don't know if you really like swiss chard or kale, and you sure don't know what you're going to do with that glut of tomatoes at the end of the season, week after week!

But you also know about all the good things that come with being a member - all the fresh herbs and veggies harvested within 24 hrs of you getting to eat them, and being exposed to stuff you've never tried before.

IMG_0677Image by jephremley via FlickrMary and I are starting to gear up for the 2011 season. I should have this year's brochure/registration ready real soon (it'll include some changes in how we're classifying "a share"). We've got feedback from some of you on 2010's season thanks to the survey you've filled out. I've already got leeks and some experimental Asian greens growing in the basement. I've got worms composting our kitchen scraps in the basement, making wonderful worm castings that'll get worked into the garden beds to improve the soil's nutritional value (this doesn't mean I'm recommending eating the soil!). Before too long I'll be building shelves to put in the small 6'x8' greenhouse purchased with income from last year's CSA (thank you!). Mary and I have already attended one garden lecture this winter, and we have a few more garden talks we'll be attending over the next couple of months. And Mary and I have tons of seeds that we're itching to plant.

If you forgot to fill out the survey and are still interested, please feel free to do so...your input is greatly appreciated!

Wanna check out Growing a Greener World, where they're always covering interesting topics in gardening, sustainability, and stewardship?

And hey, if there's anything you feel we could be doing to improve our CSA service, or even how we communicate with you guys, please let us know with your comments. I've started wondering - should we set up a Fresh is Best Facebook page??

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Theresa Loe/LivingHomegrown said...


Thanks so much for the shout out! I am the Associate Producer of the show and It means a lot to us here at Growing A Greener World to get feedback like this. I love that you are watching AND we love that the topics we cover are what you want to see.

We are currently in production for season two and I can't wait to show you what we are up to! You can keep up to date on our progress on our Facebook fan page at: or on our website:

Thanks for your support!

~Theresa Loe
Associate Producer

Jeph said...

Theresa - thanks for checking in and the comment! I have a much easier time keeping up with my garden geek info when it's just an audio format I can listen to on my Android phone in the car, rather than sitting down to watch a show...but I also TOTALLY realize that the content you guys are providing is most definitely a visual thing. It wouldn't quite be the same just listening to the show. ;-)

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