This week's pickings from my garden!

on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This week's share includes this stuff from my garden (plus Mary's bringing in more!) - including these huge pickings of mint, onions and radishes (the middle bowl is radish greens from radishes that never fully developed. Most folks probably aren't into them, but some folks like to cook them like greens).

And I picked 70 sprigs of lavender to divvy out...doesn't look like much, does it?

Mmmm....with all these onions, you know my car smells good!

Mint - it's great in tabbouleh or tea or yogurt sauces to be served in gyros!

These are radish greens - Julie says they're good cooked down with olive oil and garlic. Too prickly for my taste!

I picked the radishes small this week - many were starting to split from all the rains we've had lately, and I didn't want to lose more, plus they're cute when small.

Each bundle of mint includes a small sprig of pineapple mint. I think it's more decorative than flavorful - if you like it, I can hook you up with more once the plant's better established.

Edible flowers - they're not in this week's share, but Mary's planning to sugar coat them.

Check out the violas! The slugs ate most of them, but these are still looking pretty good!

Beet greens. I figured I'd thin out some of the leaves on the beets since they're tightly packed, and like radishes, SOME folks like to cook them and eat them. This is the leafy-side of the pile...

...and this is the stem side.

The peas are FINALLY starting to take off. I've got enough peas for two people this week. I'm moving my way down the random list - last week Carolyn got them, and this week it's Liz and Emily. It's getting to the point now where I have to pick them every day or two - so that's a good thing!

Doogie wasn't really in the mood to pose with the lavender, but I got him to sit still long enough for some pictures.

In addition to all of this, Mary's including garlic (from cloves to scapes), horseradish, chives, flowers, and sage.


Peter said...

Mmmmmm... beet greens. SO delicious!

FinnyKnits said...

Looking awesome, Jeph! I wish I could be there to give you some of my harvest for these shares. I have enough lettuce right now for 10 people.

And, of course, Doogie is adorable :)

Jeph said...

Turns out I'm getting lettuce for at least 9 people out of the garden these days! I'm shocked! Especially since it's July - which you would think would be too hot. Thankfully I decided to start more lettuce seeds as the initial plants were bolting, and I've been trying to position some of the plants in shadier areas. The plan has worked well so far!

Peter - I have a 5 gallon bucket of beet greens I forgot to bring to the CSA members today! Oops!

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