How Finny Does It...

on Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So my online buddy Finny/Jessica out in sunny California is a member of a local CSA, where her weekly "farmshares" include things you'll never see coming out of what Mary and I are providing you guys. Citrus fruits? I WISH! Apples? Nope - not for many years (IF I'm lucky). Avocados!? HA HA HA! And much more.

However, they do also get a number of things we can grow here, and so I'd suggest checking out Finny's site to see what she's cooking up. I tell ya, she's an amazing cook (and a creative one at that!) Pictured below are just some of the things she's cooked up recently...

Now I'm really pushing her this time because she's recently cooked up one thing that I LOOOOVE (fresh spring rolls) and something that looks really really good (broccoli noodle salad). No, we're not offering up eeevery fresh ingredient that she has in her recipes, but we might have close to all the stuff you'd need in the fresh spring rolls filler at least. Check 'em out!

Oh, and I love that she admits some stuff goes straight into the compost - at least she's honest! ;-)


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