Introducing: The Produce Inspector!

on Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have to admit, I can't do all the garden work on my own! So I have a helper - Doogie, who I sometimes refer to as Farm Dog. Here he is doing his part to help test the crunch level on the sugar snap peas that've just started to form:

And where do peas come from? Beautiful pea blossoms!

I'm REALLY hoping these plants all start producing so much that I can provide peas in the CSA shares next week. It might be that we have to stagger the pea shares so that maybe three people get them each week, and everyone gets a fair chance at them. I think it'd make more sense for fewer people to get enough to enjoy at one time, rather than have everyone get just a few peas every week. We'll see how the plants do this year...


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