More stuff yet to come?

on Monday, August 15, 2011

While many gardeners are complaining about all the veggies that just aren't doing well this summer, think back to those spring crops we enjoyed... Especially the lettuce.

Now while other spring crops didn't do so great (like there wasn't much spinach this spring, and the pak choi flopped ), we're about to get a second chance with some of the cool weather crops.

I just started seeds for a variety of lettuces, pak choi, and other Asian greens (many that I've never tried before!) this past Thursday, and check it out... They're already sprouting.

They might look awfully crowded in these pots, but most seedlings take transplanting quite well. I'll just wait till these guys get a little more mature, lift them from their pots, tease the roots apart, and tuck them into the raised beds. I'll also be finding some space to direct seed spinach before too long.

Let's hope this fall is better in the garden than spring was!
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