Are you getting cucumber fatigue yet?

on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I tell ya. I've never had as good a cucumber year as this year. I may have many other things I'm griping about in the garden, with all the poor production of tomatoes, squash, etc, but it's definitely the year of the cucumber.

And the heaviest producer of them all? Pearl, the pale yellow-green one in this picture. I think there's only one vine, but wow!

Oh... A warning, if you ever try growing Pearl -it's got the most evil cucumber spines I've ever experienced! Some of them get in the skin, and stay there like a splinter!

I don't know how you guys are feeling, but I think we're starting to feel a little cucumber fatigue here at home. Last year it was the eggplant, okra and peppers that were going strong in my garden, and Mary was providing up to 20 tomatoes a week per person! This year it's the cukes...
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