Now THIS is how you irrigate!

on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ever since I started experimenting with drip irrigation a few years ago, I've found it makes life sooo much easier! Sure, this first year was a flop (SOMEONE doesn't read instructions very well, and has little common sense), and no, I haven't actually tested my "gallons per minute" like you're supposed to, but I've finally figured it all out, and I love it!

No, you don't normally plan to have the drip lines hovering in the air like these are (although I doubt there's any harm to it), but this is brand new line, so it's still got a lot of desire to coil back up. After running water through it a few times, plus some weathering, and it'll settle down. Sure makes a cool image though!

This bed looks pretty sparse on one side. The variety of leeks i'm trying here (Megaton) were more of a mega-flop, the carrots didn't do so great (storms washed them into one big pile), and the cucumbers just got put in yesterday. The peas on the far right are spotty... but they're climbing the trellis anyhow. The cucumbers are a mix of climbing and bush varieties.... hopefully they'll do better than the spring crops did!

Later this week I hope to try a new attachment for the drip irrigation... pour in concentrated liquid fertilizer (I have fish emulsion and kelp), and the hose line runs through it... picking up a diluted blend of fertilizer and water to drip out down the line. Garden nerd fun!
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Betsy said...

I know what you mean about these composite drip hoses wanting to coil up. Even after years of being in one place, some of mine never got all their kinks worked out. :} I notice there is a big difference in cost versus performance. Both with stiffness and even drippage. (Some of mine sprayed in places.)

Yours look like good ones, Jeph. The arcs do look cool, though. Probably not a lot of harm except that being up in the air would result in more evaporation.

Jeph said...

Oh there can't be that much evaporation going on.....I had the camera down at soil level! LOL. But that is a valid point, and if they don't relax and settle down, I'll be pegging them down to the ground.

I got the various irrigation gear from Drip Depot.... they've got great stuff and have good service.

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