What, do you think it's too early?

on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The temps hit the 60s today! Well, the low 60s, but still - the 60s! Already! And it looks like we're going to stay a bit warm for awhile - definitely well above freezing. So I thought I'd take a risk and appease my itchy green thumb:

That's right, I seeded some lettuce! Not a ton of any one variety, nor did I plant out any of the seedlings I've already started in the basement. But I figured, hey, what the heck - let's give this a shot and see what happens. I DO know that I've read you can sprinkle lettuce seeds out on snow, and when the time comes, and the snow has thawed, they'll settle down into the soil and grow. So hey - let's see if we don't start seeing some frost-hardy lettuce seedlings sprouting in the next week or two!

Here's the varieties of lettuce that got planted this afternoon:

  • Cherokee (Summer Crisp)
  • Winter Density (Cos)
  • Sylvesta (Green Butterhead)
  • Adriana (Green Butterhead)
  • Antago (Red Lollo)
  • Panisse (Green Oakleaf)
  • Crispino (Green Iceberg)
  • Buttercrunch (Green Bibb)
  • Red Sails (Red Grand Rapids)
And I'm hoping to sow some radish seeds out there tomorrow!


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