Getting the word out...

on Friday, February 5, 2010

When Mary and I were discussing what all would be involved with the "business side" of setting up a CSA, we knew we'd have to have contracts for people to sign. But how about a little advertising? Turns out this CSA idea was spreading by word-of-mouth faster than we knew....but people were asking questions, and we decided it'd be a good idea to have the answers to all those questions in one place. This way we knew we could cover all the topics, give consistent responses, etc. So - how about a brochure!?

The image above is just a teaser snippet of the final product. We went back and forth on the content and info to include. If you know me, you know I can yammer on and on - so it helped to have an editor (in the form of Mary and other friends) to whittle down all I wanted to include. And I decided one thing that always helps get one in the spirit of gardening and eating fresh veggies when it's the middle of a dreary Ohio winter is bright, colorful the brochure HAD to include lots of pictures from the garden. Over time I hope to get out to Mary's garden so we don't just have pictures from my yard, but we were in a pinch, and needed to get the brochure out ASAP. (And yes, all of those pictures are veggies and flowers I grew in the back yard)

Anyhow - here's the link to the PDF'd brochure again - it's just under 4MB, and is a two-sided, tri-fold color printout. Or you can just look at it online. It looks like we've already maxxed out the number of shares we'll have available this year - and in fact, we have a waiting list forming! But hey, even if you're not one of our customers this year, maybe you'll choose to follow along with this blog to see what's growing, what's being harvested, what's being thrown in the compost, etc...


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