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on Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do these tomatoes look familiar to you guys?

I have to be honest - I didn't take that picture (although I did swipe it!).

That's the Wapsipinicon Peach tomato I provided for a few weeks - I think some of you got more than others, but you all got to try them.  It's the tomato name I could never pronounce, and the tomato you almost didn't get just because I didn't think they were good.  After the tomato plants got blown over (and ripped from the ground) by midsummer storms, these little guys started to appear but didn't look right.  They didn't have the usual "gloss" that you expect on tomatoes, and they were an odd size and not a perfectly round shape.  I seriously thought they were duds on a stressed plant!

Good thing my neighbor said he was going to try one, even though I was saying "no no, don't put that in your mouth - I think they're bad!"  And here The Kitchn blog is spotlighting them as a great tomato experience from this summer!

I'd seen the seeds listed for at least a few years now, but never had the nerve to take up garden space by ordering them.  This year I wanted something new, and ordered them from Totally Tomatoes, where I get a lot of my tomato seeds.  They have a surprisingly fresh and juicy taste to them, and according to Totally Tomatoes, they're "Named after the Wapsipinicon River in northeast Iowa. Heavy yielding."  That "heavy yielding" part would seem true - in a year where some of my plants didn't produce a single fruit that made it all the way through to ripening, this plant was a trooper.

Now that the weather's cooling off, the hours of daylight are shortening, and the annual tomato-plant diseases are wrecking havoc, these Wapsipinicon Peach tomatoes are fizzling out.  I doubt we'll have any more to harvest this season.  So what do you think - would they be worth growing again next year!?

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